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Degas Chambers & Systems
Degas Chambers & Systems.

Degas Chambers & Systems

RedLine Chambers offers a wide range of vacuum chambers, in all shapes, sizes and a range of vacuum levels, from Low Vacuum (LV) to Ultra-High Vacuum (UHV).

Vacuum Chambers

Full Service Custom Large Vacuum Systems and Leak Test Solutions

Redline Chambers Inc can offer a full turnkey solution to give your process better quality and make it more efficient while working with paints, epoxies, liquid plastics, and liquid rubbers.
The vacuum chamber will remove all of the air and gas from the Product you are trying to degas which comes in handy when details matter in your finished products.

If your process has issued with bubbles in your finished product a degas system will be the correct solution for you, we offer Chambers from 12” to 120” for your degassing needs.

If you’re working with Crystal Clear plastics and other liquid plastics, a vacuum comes in handy for degassing the material to remove bubbles as well.

Turn-Key Systems For Vacuuming Liquid Rubbers and Plastics

Our Vacuum Systems are made with durable aluminum or stainless stee, so it is built to last. You won’t have to worry about replacing the lid after an accident because it’s made from shatter-resistant acrylic or domed stainless steel or aluminum.

We Offer

  • 6″- 120” diameter openings
  • 6″ - 120” tall
  • Made from aluminum, stainless steel or (carbon steel that is powder coated).