Employee Spotlight – George Zamora

Employee Spotlight – George Zamora

In honor of Veterans Day, Redline Chambers would like to highlight the contributions of George Zamora to thank him for his years of service to our country. Prior to his time at Redline, George served in the Army Reserves as a Combat Medic for over 3 years and also as an active-duty Law Enforcement Specialist in the Air Force.

Currently, George is the Supply Chain Manager at Redline Chambers with over a decade of management experience in the manufacturing industry. In his role as Supply Chain Manager, George oversees every stage of the Redline Chambers supply chain, from sourcing raw materials for manufacturing to the shipping of finished equipment to our customers. Despite the global supply chain woes, George works to counteract these adverse effects with on-time solutions and proactive planning. He is a true leader in coordinating the company’s overall logistics.

George has worked at Redline Chambers since the very beginning and has been the figurehead of multiple stages of Redline Chambers’ growth. He is a hard-working member of the team who can juggle multiple tasks across a variety of divisions. As a result, Redline Chambers continues to exceed customers’ expectations with excellent service and quality equipment. George values communication with internal providers to keep things operating smoothly and his time management is impeccable.

“George is the ultimate team player; he is always willing to go above and beyond to get the job done and help those around him.” – Kent Zamora, President

When George isn’t hard at work making sure things are going smoothly, he is probably spending time outdoors. He enjoys fishing, quad trail riding, shooting, bike riding, and spending time with his grandchildren. George is greatly appreciated employee here and we would like to thank him again for his service, not only at Redline Chambers but also to our country. Thank you, George!