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Leak Test & Engineered Solutions
Leak Test & Engineered Solutions.

Leak Test & Engineered Solutions

RedLine Chambers offers a wide range of vacuum chambers, in all shapes, sizes and a range of vacuum levels, from Low Vacuum (LV) to Ultra-High Vacuum (UHV).

Product Leak Test Systems

Full Service Custom Large Vacuum Systems and Leak Test Solutions

Helium leak testing is one of Redline's core competencies, and it plays a significant role in daily life. From the seal on your morning yogurt to the vacuum seal on the package of coffee, you buy from your local supermarket.

  • Pinpoint leaks in the product surfaces or weld joints
  • Continuous improvement in your production processes
  • Traceability, reliability, repeatability
  • Custom leak testing systems and automation
  • Quality Control and standardization
  • Leak detection of vacuum systems