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Packaging Vacuum Test Systems
Vacuum Chambers.

Packaging Vacuum Test Systems

RedLine Chambers offers a wide range of vacuum chambers, in all shapes, sizes and a range of vacuum levels, from Low Vacuum (LV) to Ultra-High Vacuum (UHV).

Packaging Vacuum Test Systems

Full Service Custom Large Vacuum Systems and Leak Test Solutions

Altitude testing simulates the effect on products at different altitudes with our systems. You can test your product's package integrity at high altitudes and low altitudes, for example, shipping by air or over a high mountain range and shipping down to sea level.

Shipping around the world between these altitudes can cause an imbalance between the internal and external pressures of product packaging, including food packaging, pharmaceuticals, medicine packaging, and liquid beverage containers.

Testing your products in our systems will ensure that the package does not fail and your product is not ruined during transport.

Testing can be performed at fixed altitudes, or ramp rate testing can be performed, and these tests usually range in time between one to 24 hours.

Altitude tests are usually combined with other environmental factors, including temperature and vibration, anything that the product will see while traveling from one destination to another.

Redline chambers can also offer helium leak testing to increase your packaging quality because knowing the packaging of your product is an essential part of your companies branding. This enables the company to ensure that the products and the packaging are in accordance with their brand image.

Thorough packaging performance and evaluation, and compliance for medical device packaging is a must due to contamination and bacteria.

Common Altitude Tests

  • Standard altitude simulation
  • Combined altitude and temperature testing
  • Altitude cycling
  • ASTM D4169
  • MIL-STD-810
  • MIL-STD-202
  • military and commercial standards