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4SEEKER Helium Leak Detector

The Redline Chambers 4SEEKER is a mass spectrometry helium/hydrogen leak detector completely auto-tuned with an internal calibrated leak standard, a monochrome display that shows the leak rate in either linear or logarithmic bar graphic. It has an audible alarm, sniffing and hard vacuum detection methods, and three testing modes: gross, fine, and ultra-fine that can be disabled/enabled under the convenience of the test. The 4SEEKER comes with either a rotary vane backing pump or a diaphragm backing pump.




– Fast helium pumping speed.
– Ion source assembly: 2 yttrium/Iridium filaments with a 3-year warranty.
– Intuitive menus, easy to navigate.
– Compact design and workbench on the detector’s top cover.
– I/O port, RS232 and RS485 ports, two independent relay ports and one vacuum gauge port.
– Easy to repair.
– Inexpensive parts and consumables compared to other HLD brands.
– Test modes: Vacuum and Sniffing.


Available Accessories:
– Wireless handheld remote control
– Full electromagnetic isolation bypass valve for an external support pump
– Utility cart with a helium cylinder option
– Active Sniffer Probe
– Passive Sniffer Probe
– Metering Helium Spray Probe
– Data Logger (by Data Q)


– Automotive Industry
– Industrial Process Tool
– Electronics
– Pharmaceutical
– Medical Industry
– Small Parts Manufacturing
– Research & Development
– Power Generation
– High Energy Physics


Value Add Services:

– One year of free vacuum oil for the backing pump (two oil changes per year is average).

– A free one-hour training (video call or phone call) on how to set up and use the 4SEEKER.

– 24/7/365 technical support.

– Our team of engineers and technicians have over 17 years of experience on helium leak detectors.

– We offer various service plans for the maintenance of the 4SEEKER (6 months, 1 year, 2 years).







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