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Space Simulation
Space Simulation.

Space Simulation

Redline chambers is one of the few companies in the world that has the capabilities to manufacture XL Space Simulation Chambers.

Space Simulation

Full prototyping and testing for space conditions.

When manufacturing space instrumentation it is vital to prototype and test your products. We build to spec to replicate the space environment, including thermal ranges from -170°C to +150°C and deep space vacuum, to thoroughly test equipment.

Our shop capabilities allow for large chamber production which allows you to test your product no matter its size—including satellites, flight qualification, and verification.

To provide the highest possible level of accuracy, Redline Chambers simulates the cold (using shrouds and liquid nitrogen-filled chillers) and heat (using heated platen or vacuum grade internal heaters) of space.

Redline can build to spec and manufacture chambers to test products up to ≥10-4 Torr and simulate altitudes up to 100,000 ft.