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Testing Services
Testing Services.

Testing Services

RedLine Chambers offers a wide range of vacuum chambers, in all shapes, sizes and a range of vacuum levels, from Low Vacuum (LV) to Ultra-High Vacuum (UHV).

Vacuum Chambers

Full Service Custom Large Vacuum Systems and Leak Test Solutions

Leak Detection

Leak detection of test parts can be done in many ways, but two methods are used the most:

Adding positive pressure to the part and sniffing the outside to detect helium leaking through holes and imperfections creates a vacuum on the inside of your part and spraying helium on the outside to find leaks and imperfections.

Pressure Testing

In Pressure Testing, the part is pressurized with helium. The potential leak sites of the part are scanned using a Sniffer Probe connected to the leak detector's inlet to locate a leak.

Vacuum Testing

In Vacuum testing, the part is evacuated from the atmosphere with a pumping system. Helium is introduced to the suspected leak using a spray probe with an adjustable flow to detect the leak.

Types of leaks

  • Leaks in detachable connections: Flanges, machined mated surfaces, doors
  • Leaks in permanent connections: Welding seams, glued joints
  • Leaks due to porosity: Weld joints, bent joints, Rubber seal imperfections, or glued seam
  • Thermal leaks: Material warpage from sealing surface, material decay from thermal induction
  • Virtual leaks: Gas under vacuum that is liberated from hollows and cavities inside parts, blind holes, and joints, liquids in vacuum
  • Indirect leaks: leaking supply lines in vacuum systems or furnaces
  • Serial leaks: This is the leak at the end of several "spaces connected in series," e.g., a leak in the oil-filled section of the oil pan in a rotary vane pump
  • One-way leaks: these will allow gas to pass in one direction but are tight in the other direction (very seldom). An area that is not gas-tight but which is not leaky in the sense that a defect is present would be the
  • Permeation: gas that passes through and is absorbed into materials such as rubber O-ring seals in a vacuum system