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Vacuum Drying Ovens
Vacuum Drying Ovens.

Vacuum Drying Ovens

Ovens equipped to dry products in many industries , including flammable solvents.

Vacuum Drying Ovens

Cylindrical, Cube, & Mailbox Shape Ovens

We can provide cylindrical, cube, and mailbox shape chambers designed to operate under vacuum. Computer control systems can be added to automate, monitor, and document the vacuum drying process.

Temperature and vacuum pressure can be adjusted during the drying period. Redline Chambers offers chillers to freeze products to -80 and cold traps (that reach -100 Fahrenheit) to trap the moisture and reach the desired vacuum to dry your product.

Vacuum drying has many advantages, especially when done with the right equipment. The liquid is evaporated from a substance or product when placed under vacuum pressure. Vacuum drying allows for lower temperatures that maintain the product's integrity (and nutritional quality in the case of food).

Vacuum drying is optimal for sensitive products and/or materials that would otherwise be damaged or changed if exposed to high temperatures. Applications that require removal of most or all moisture benefit from the vacuum drying process while at the same time preventing oxidation or combustion.