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Vacuum Systems
Vacuum Systems.

Vacuum Systems

High-Volume Vacuum Systems & Turn-Key Solutions
Freeze Drying Systems

Redline Chambers saw an opportunity in the industry for High Volume Vacuum Chambers and systems to accommodate the customer with large output and quick turnaround of product in the production process.

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Vacuum Drying Systems.
Vacuum Drying Systems

Automated vacuum and temperature-controlled drying systems.

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Thermal Vac Systems.
Thermal Vacuum Systems

Accurately reproduce the conditions of space through pressure and temperature.

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Vacuum Coating Systems.
Vacuum Coating Systems

Redline Chambers recently manufactured a large custom (8.5 ft. x 4 ft.) ultra-high vacuum chamber for a customer's thin film coating deposition process.

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Altitude Simulation Systems.
Altitude Simulation Systems

When manufacturing space instrumentation it is vital to prototype and test your products. We build to spec to replicate the space environment, including thermal ranges from -170°C to +150°C and deep space vacuum, to thoroughly test equipment.

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