Altitude Simulation Systems

Full prototyping and testing for space conditions

Test your products in an altitude simulation system

When manufacturing space instrumentation, it is vital to prototype and test the products. We build systems to replicate a space environment. We produce thermal ranges from -170°C to +150°C and deep space vacuum to thoroughly test equipment.

Our shop capabilities allow for large chamber production and product testing no matter its size—including satellites, flight qualification, and verification. To provide the highest possible level of accuracy, Redline Chambers simulates the cold and heat of space with shrouds, liquid nitrogen-filled chillers, heated platen, and vacuum-grade internal heaters.

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How it works

Altitude testing simulates the effect on products at different altitudes with our systems. You can test your product’s package integrity at high altitudes and low altitudes, for example, shipping by air or over a high mountain range and shipping down to sea level. Shipping around the world between these altitudes can cause an imbalance between the internal and external pressures of product packaging, including food packaging, pharmaceuticals, medicine packaging, and liquid beverage containers. Testing your products in our systems will ensure that the package does not fail and your product remains intact during transport.

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Redline can perform fixed altitude testing, ramp rate testing, and testing for other
environmental factors the product will encounter while traveling from one destination to
another; These tests usually range in time between one to 24 hours. Redline chambers can also
offer helium leak testing to increase your packaging quality.

Thorough packaging performance, evaluation, and compliance for medical device packaging is a
must due to contamination and bacteria.

Common altitude tests

Redline can build to spec and manufacture chambers to test products up to ≥10-8 Torr and
simulate altitudes up to 100,000 ft.


  • Standard altitude simulation
  • Combined altitude and temperature testing
  • Altitude cycling
  • ASTM D4169
  • MIL-STD-810
  • MIL-STD-202
  • Military and commercial standards

Quality Guaranteed

Thanks to our new thermal vacuum chamber from Redline Chambers, we can expand our in-house testing capabilities and move faster from prototype to flight-qualified satellites. The chamber allows us to reproduce the most extreme environments anywhere on the surface of Earth, and in space!

Benjamin Longmier

CTO and Co-Founder, Swarm Technologies

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