Freeze Drying systems

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Freeze Drying

Redline Chambers manufactures drying ovens for specific sizes and needs for various industries, including food, pharmaceutical, biomedical, and more.

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Need to freeze your product?

We offer system controls with adjustable drying temperature and vacuum
pressure – these extra features allow you to precisely monitor and
document during the freeze-drying process.

Guaranteed results

Redline chambers offer chillers to freeze products to -40° and cold traps that reach -100° Fahrenheit to trap the moisture and reach the desired vacuum to dry your product.

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Quality Guaranteed

Thanks to our new thermal vacuum chamber from Redline Chambers, we can expand our in-house testing capabilities and move faster from prototype to flight-qualified satellites. The chamber allows us to reproduce the most extreme environments anywhere on the surface of Earth, and in space!”

Benjamin Longmier

CTO and Co-Founder, Swarm Technologies

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