Thermal Vacuum Chamber Systems

Accurately reproduce the conditions of space through pressure and temperature

Meeting the environmental Conditions of space

The most common applications of a Thermal Vacuum Chamber System (TVAC) are satellite performance tests, control of the thermal cycle, testing components, subsystems, and complete satellites in a fully controlled environment. The tests accurately reproduce the conditions of the space through the simultaneous control of two environmental parameters:  pressure  and  temperature.

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How it works

Space hardware must withstand demanding environmental conditions while traveling through space or in orbit around the planet. The combination of extremely low pressure and sudden temperature changes necessitates the highest quality and standards to be applied to such products’ manufacture. Sudden temperature changes create another problem because heat dissipation is limited without the help of the surrounding air molecules.

Redline Chambers TVACs provide the necessary vacuum levels simulating extensive and quick temperature variations which occur in space. TVACs are used worldwide to validate and test space hardware and equipment for extreme environments outside this planet.

Our chambers can be manufactured in a vast range of shapes and sizes. Sizes from small compact vertical cylindrical chambers for testing electronic modules to big mailbox shaped chambers allowing easy loading of a complete spacecraft for testing.

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Testing conditions

Our TVACs are designed for performance and reliability and can be built
to meet your testing needs

Ideal uses

  • Thermal cycling, reproducing space conditions of high vacuum and extreme temperatures in a range from -190ºC to +180ºC, for verification, qualification, and acceptance of flight units
  • Bake-out and outgassing tests for characterization and qualification of materials or hardware
  • Thermal balance tests for validation of thermal models
  • Dimensional stability of structures
  • Solar simulation

We can also provide unique chamber designs for special tests and characterization experiments of ion thrusters, optical systems, etc.

Quality Guaranteed

Thanks to our new thermal vacuum chamber from Redline Chambers, we can expand our in-house testing capabilities and move faster from prototype to flight-qualified satellites. The chamber allows us to reproduce the most extreme environments anywhere on the surface of Earth, and in space!”

Benjamin Longmier

CTO and Co-Founder, Swarm Technologies

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