Vacuum Drying and Degassing Systems

Automated vacuum and temperature-controlled drying systems

Industrial drying chambers and drying systems

Redline Chambers saw an opportunity in the industry for High Volume Vacuum Chambers and systems to accommodate the customer with large output and quick turnaround of product in the production process.

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Redline’s high-volume products range from 6 – 20ft in diameter and 10 – 80ft in length,
depending on the requirements, keeping in mind that the larger output for production needs will
require pumping packages scaled to fit the system and meet vacuum pressure set points.

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Thanks to our new thermal vacuum chamber from Redline Chambers, we can expand our in-house testing capabilities and move faster from prototype to flight-qualified satellites. The chamber allows us to reproduce the most extreme environments anywhere on the surface of Earth, and in space!”

Benjamin Longmier

CTO and Co-Founder, Swarm Technologies

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