A Guide to Industrial Vacuum Pump Repair & Maintenance

A Guide to Industrial Vacuum Pump Repair & Maintenance

Preventative Maintenance vs. Repair

The team at Redline Chambers has prepared a helpful guide to walk you through when it’s time for preventative maintenance. Don’t throw your used pump away! This guide will help you determine when you should get your pump repaired. When it’s time, get it serviced at Redline Chambers Service Department!

Preventative Maintenance

Preventative maintenance for your vacuum pump is the process of performing regular tune-ups and services on your equipment to keep it running optimally.

Preventative maintenance services for vacuum pumps can include:

  • Oil changes
  • Bearing inspections
  • Leak testing
  • Filter changes and cleaning
  • and more!

These preventive measures helps to keep your equipment running properly and save you from costly repairs in the future and production downtimes. Taking care of your equipment helps promote longevity in the product, as well as prevent it from experiencing a catastrophic failure.

Less Unplanned Downtime

Preventative maintenance can identify a future repair issue with your vacuum pump so you can address the problem before an unexpected failure results in unplanned downtime. Identifying service issues in advance allows you to plan for the time your equipment will be in for maintenance so you can schedule around the downtime.

Maintain Vacuum Pump Performance

Protect your vacuum pump’s efficiency and accuracy.

With preventative maintenance and regular tune-ups, your pump should run more accurately and efficiently. Regular service keeps your machines running with the specifications you began with. Without preventative maintenance, your equipment will take longer to reach the same levels of pressure it once got to easily and quickly.

Less Costly Repairs

When replacing worn-out parts regularly, it is less likely for catastrophic failure.

When your vacuum pump has been running for a while, it is common for parts to become worn out and need replacement. Replacing parts before a failure will prevent components from breaking entirely and causing a more complex repair.


How to know when it’s time to repair your vacuum pump. Repairs differ from preventative maintenance because, without preventative maintenance, the equipment needs repairs as something is already broken and failing within the machine. Here are some factors that could indicate your pump needs repairs.

Lack of Performance

  • If your pump misses the mark on ultimate pressure levels or down times they once met
  • If the pump is not pumping down a volume at all or takes a long time to do it
  • If the pressure is high compared to the specs sheet of the pump

If your pump has any indications of lack of performance, then that could mean your pump needs repair.

Oil Leaks

If you notice oil leaking from your vacuum pump, it could indicate worn-out seals within your system that need to be replaced or repaired.

Vacuum Leaks in the Pump

A vacuum leak is a hole in the system that allows the entry or exit of gas from the pump. Weakened seals and o-rings can cause leaks within your system.

Knocking Noises

Knocking, clicking, hissing, and unidentifiable and unusual noises may indicate that your machinery needs repairs.

Excess Vibration

If there is excessive vibration while the pump is on, then this can specify something within your equipment needing repair.

Pump Not Spinning

If the pump is not spinning, this could be from either a bad motor or the pump sized up.

A Total Lack of Maintenance

If the vacuum pump has never had any preventative maintenance since its use, it’s time for repairs.

Invest in Your Vacuum Pump Equipment!

Schedule Regular Preventative Maintenance Before You Need Repairs

It is vital to keep up with regular maintenance so that your issue does not turn into a costly and timely repair. Redline Chambers has years of experience and factory-trained technicians with the expertise you need for your equipment.

Redline Chambers performs minor and major repairs including seal/gasket replacement, wet top seal replacement, oil changes, oil mist eliminator replacement, cleaning, painting, vacuum testing, and integrity testing for all makes and models of dry and wet vacuum pumps.

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