About us

We just don’t provide chambers. We provide an experience.

Redline Chambers, Inc. is your source for standard and custom precision-engineered and
fabricated vacuum chambers and systems providing the experience you look for with the
expertise that you require.


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We provide best-in-class engineered precision vacuum chambers and exceptional customer service.
Our project discovery and design processes lead to well-manufactured, high-quality products with customer service that’s second to none.
No job is too small or too big! Our chambers will outlast any employee.

Who We Are

Redline Chambers has brought together leading engineering and manufacturing talent to provide the best vacuum technology and leak testing solutions to our customers. We specialize in the manufacturing of precision-engineered and fabricated vacuum chambers and turn-key systems.

Our factory adheres to ISO 9001:2015 quality control procedures and is supported by experienced mechanical and design engineers, machinists, welders, and assembly personnel in order to produce the quality and accuracy you need.

Our team

Kent Zamora
General Manager

After 15 years of welding vacuum chambers, Kent decided there was a better way to provide for the customer’s needs. Starting Redline Chambers was the first step in delivering that promise. Now, as President of Redline Chambers, he can take care of the customer the way he always envisioned.

“When I make a vacuum chamber, I want our customers to think they got more than they paid for.”

Tyler Webb
Quality Assurance and Safety Manager

Tyler oversees our processes, information, methods, skills, and controls to ensure consistent application. After 17 years in quality management systems, Tyler is uniquely situated to guarantee that we meet customer needs and requirements

“I never want quality to be an accident. Instead, it should result from well thought out effort and repeatable execution.”

Terence Moores
Applications Engineering Manager

Terence is passionate about helping customers find solutions to their vacuum technology projects. His eleven years of experience in mechanical engineering, including nine years in vacuum technology, helps to ensure that we meet the customer requirements creatively and efficiently.

“Experts were once amateurs who kept practicing.”

Jeremiah Pritchard
Engineering Manager

Jeremiah brings 23 years of engineering experience to Redline Chambers inc.  He specializes in design for manufacturing, taking a project from an idea to a final product, working with the customer the entire way.

“If its not broken, take it apart and fix it”

Orion Coronado
Aftermarket Parts and Service Manager

With more than 15 years of service expertise, Orion brings a high level of proficiency to our service department. As he drafts, implements, and executes policies and procedures, he can facilitate a quality customer experience while helping our customers with all their service needs.

“The best time to service your equipment was months ago. The second-best time is now.”

George Zamora
Supply Chain Manager

With 20-plus years in manufacturing, George has the experience to accomplish tasks on multiple projects. George’s time management is what keeps our customers’ projects on schedule. In addition, his communication with internal providers is the hallmark of his work ethic.

“We believe that getting work done correctly and on time is vital to providing an excellent customer experience.”

David Duran
Production Supervisor

Since the inception of Redline Chambers inc. David has been at the forefront, working along side the manufacturing team to deliver a final product to the customer.

“Don’t lower your expectations to meet your performance, raise your level of performance to meet your expectations.”

Our History

When Kent Zamora determined to start a vacuum chamber company, he created Redline Chambers in 2016. His goal was to produce the best product for his customers. As he built his team, he only hired the best.

With many combined years of vacuum technology and leak detection experience in both engineering and manufacturing, our handpicked and experienced employees can correctly understand the scope of our customer’s projects. In 2022, Thermal Process Solutions (TPS) partnered with Redline Chambers to bring the best vacuum and leak testing technology solutions to the market.

Why us

Industry experts

Our team has 65 years of industry knowledge from the shop floor, purchasing, design, manufacturing, sales, customer service, and executive management.

Standard to Customize Capabilities

Whether you need an off-the-shelf vacuum chamber or a customized solution, Redline has you covered.

Partners every step of the way

In addition to fabricating and servicing vacuum chambers, our company strives to provide each project with customized development and customer service, resulting in happier clients and long-lasting business relationships. We collaborate through the phases of modeling, design, engineering, manufacturing, quality, and delivery.

Our Facility


  • 45,000 Sq/Ft fabrication facility
  • Large gantry bridge cranes
  • Heavy capacity lifting
  • PE Engineering
  • Full system assembly
  • Vacuum system integration
  • Large manufacturing space
  • Aluminum and steel welding
  • Bead blasting
  • Electropolishing
  • In-house machine shop
  • CNC machines, laser cutting, mill, and lathe
  • System assembly, integration, and testing
  • High pressure and vacuum helium leak testing
  • RGA testing and Bake-out
  • Repair and service department