Vacuum chambers

Redline Chambers is the best choice if you require a
complete system integration of a standalone chamber

Custom Vacuum Chambers

Redline Chambers specializes in the production of small to extra large chambers and vacuum systems. We tailor customized needs for scientific experimentation, industrial production, thin-film processes, material heat treating & processing, product integrity, vacuum drying, and leak testing.

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We offer the following options for your vacuum chamber needs.


  • Cube
  • Cylindrical
  • Tombstone
  • Custom
  • Small to ex-large (12″ to 20′)


  • Low Vacuum(LV) 1 to 1×10-3
  • Medium Vaccum (MV) <1×10-3 to 10-5
  • High Vacuum (HV) <1×10-5 to 10-8
  • Ultra-High Vacuum (UHV) 7.5×10-10 to 7.5×10-11

Why choose us?

We are experts in the manufacturing of precision-engineered and fabricated custom vacuum chambers and systems.

Customers trust that our chambers are made to the highest quality standard and are top in the industry. Redline Chambers is the best choice for your next project if you require a full system integration of a standalone chamber.

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Additional Products & Services

We produce turn-key vacuum systems, including thermal vacuum (TVAC) systems for space simulation testing of spacecraft instruments and satellites. Redline offerings also include freeze drying, thin film coating, altitude testing, degassing, and more.

Send us a quote request with your vacuum chamber requirements, and respond to you with a proposal as quickly as we can.

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Quality Guaranteed

Thanks to our new thermal vacuum chamber from Redline Chambers, we can expand our in-house testing capabilities and move faster from prototype to flight-qualified satellites. The chamber allows us to reproduce the most extreme environments anywhere on the surface of Earth, and in space!”

Benjamin Longmier

CTO and Co-Founder, Swarm Technologies

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