Leak Detectors

Mass spectrometer leak detection allows us to localize and measure leaks inside or outside a product. This process introduces stresses over time to the leak detector through mass cycling, extensive volume use, possible contamination (please report hazardous material contamination), electronic failure, general wear, and expired calibrated items. Our veteran team of leak detection experts is ready to help you get your unit back in working order.

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Leak Detectors We Service

Adixen/Alcatel products
ASM182ASM142LDASM192 (& all variants)ASM142S
LACO products
Agilent/Varian products
LDS Vacuum products
Leak Tracer
Gow-Mac products
MGD-2002 Mini-tracer
Leybold products
Inficon products
LDS3000UL1000FabLDS2010UL5000UL1000 Modul1000
Pfeiffer products
ION Science products
GasCheck 3000 G3

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